About Us

The Engineering Works Company was established in 2010 by a group of experts in the field of construction and contracting, the capital of the company is 1000000 (ten million Libyan dinars). A lot of departments in line with the stage to keep pace with this development and to respond to customer requests.

Our Vision

We seek to provide the best. The company plans to expand its activities to meet the desires of customers to provide the best work in terms of quality and prices. To achieve this, the company began to attract a group of technical expertise in the field of contracting and construction. The company has also modernized and increased the necessary equipment and mechanisms, and the company is in the process of establishing A coalition and partnership with a group of local and foreign companies to achieve this vision

Company’s headquarters

The head office of the company is located in Nasiriyah area in Sebha city, in an upscale neighborhood on a main road. It is a ground building with an area of 500 m2 with 6 offices, facilities and an underground basement floor with an area of 290 m2.

The company’s Tripoli branch, is under preparation.

Company Location

On a plot of land with an area of 76,887 square meters

Technical team:

The technical team of the company consists of a group of civil engineers and architects with experience and competence. The company also has an integrated team of skilled and experienced technical workers.

  • Engineers
  • Administration
  • Technical Labors
  • Usual Labors
  • Mixer Operators

Our company works with the best engineering offices.

Buildings executed in the private sector:-

Due to the decrease in employment opportunities in the field of construction in the public sector due to the general conditions of the country, the company went to work in the private sector and implemented the construction of a group of housing units for the private sector in the city of Tripoli, including units with one or two floors. The company is now implementing a number of buildings housing for the private sector


Execution of works in the field of electricity … solar power plants and electricity towers … and drilling water and oil wells:

The company has worked since its establishment on the diversity of its specializations to cover most of the specializations in the field of construction and development, and as construction and roads had a share of its interests, it was also interested in working in the field of electrical work and established a specialized department of a group of experienced engineers in this field. The company has worked on Building a partnership relationship and technical support agreements with some local and foreign companies that excel in this field In view of the increasing demand in the Libyan market for alternative sources of energy to obtain electricity, the company went to work in the field of solar energy to be able to keep pace with this development and provide the best services to its customers.


Contact us:

  • HeadquartersSabha Nasiriyah, Tripoli Road, Fodder Factory Street
  • 00218924172222
  • info@ewgcco.com
  • s.mo@ewgcco.com
  • Sabha Office
  • 00218924172222
  • Tripoli OfficeEnd of Bivi Highway next to Tripoli Mall
  • 00218217251111